• Jessica Elkins

Little bit dirt little bit blue jeans

If your visiting my blog I’m sure you can relate. You get your clean go to town clothes on and you do the one thing you shouldn’t. You go to the barn. I get ready to pick my oldest heathens up from school and for the first time since Madison started school i have time to put good clothes on. As i step outside i make the mistake of thinking “I’ll just slip my muck boots on and top off the animals water before i go.” well you see how that worked out for me. I get to the barn and just like that adorable kids book you know the one “if you give a mouse a cookie” what started as just topping off water ended like this. I noticed the ducks water was filthy and if you know anything about ducks their water is filthy 5 secs after you fill it. So i decide to go ahead and empty it and refill it. Just as I’m dropping the hose in the pool i hear the all too familiar sound of the feed can being broke into. Sure enough the smallest of our clan q-tip and moo moo (should stop letting kids name goats) are breaking into the feed barrel.

They may look cute but they are the escape artist from the depths. I swear we have done everything but tie cinder blocks to them and they still get out. So i put them up before they bloat themselves. While i was putting them up the fifteen (okay more like 7 but still) cats my daughter has collected are basically trying to kill me wanting fed. Close enough to feed time so i pour them some feed. Which wouldn’t have been too bad but the goose spotted me with the red scoop and started honking his disapproval that he was not being fed himself. Well I’m already starting barn chores guess getting most done would be okay. So i then feed the ducks/goose. That is when i realize I’ve overfilled their water and they have made quite the mud puddle. Grab the hose and in turn cover both hands in mud. It’s okay drag it over to goats pen and top them off too. On the way i notice the rabbit has very little water so i fill his up. That’s when i notice he is low on hay. By the time i finish all this i realize now I’m running late to get the kids so i run to the house look down at my pants and see not only are they filthy but so is my shirt. Oh well maybe one day I’ll get the kids and not be covered in barn. It’s unlikely though.

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