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And you are?

So I started this blog without proper introductions. So hello my name is Jessica and I will be your guide through this probably short lived blog. I have been married 5 wonderful years to David and we have 3 crazy kiddos, Madison, Blake, and Hunter.

We currently live in just under 800 sq ft which has been quite the change. They say love grows in a small house. If that's true could someone explain that to my kids whose fighting gets rather loud. Along with the spawns I call children we have Molly our chocolate lab, Pumpkin our rescue kitten, and no name the gold fish that Madison won five years ago at a fall festival. I swear the thing is going to live forever. How long is feeder goldfish suppose to live? I'm not his biggest fan and I'm the one stuck feeding him. Anyway that is our indoor crew.

On the outside we have our polar bear security force Olaf and Jax. We have our ducks, lone goose, and several chickens that should start supplying the eggs. Madison's horse Snickers, my horse reign that contribute mostly nothing but a feed bill. A lone rabbit that really needs a friend. Then the animals that started it all our goats. Currently we have eleven, of which six are mini nubians. My loving husband, that said he didn't want a bunch of animals when we met, gets up early every morning to milk a goat. The plan for next year is a jersey cow and some pigs. Who knows what I'll drag home though.

Well that is pretty much everyone right now. Though it has been known to change rather quickly. So if you have a rabbit, jersey cow, pigs, or basically any farm animal you want to get rid of send me a message. Just don't tell my husband. He loves to come home to surprises.

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