Miss Molly

Miss Molly was my father's dog. She has always loved my kids and is such a great nanny. She came to live with us before Blake was born and while Madison was still little. She has raised all of our children, moved through 3 different house, and been such a blessing. She was recently diagnosed with diabetes. We are so worried about one of the best members of our family. Before her diagnosis we had put a deposit down on 2 Labrador puppies. The plans being raising family Labradors and training them to shed hunt. They will be tested and raised in a family setting. We can only hope they will be even half of the dog that Molly is. 

Daisy Mae

Sweet Daisy Mae. She is AKC registered. She has been DNA tested and is clear of genetic diseases.  She is currently being trained to shed hunt. We are excited to see how she turns out for us.