Tangle Ridge Autumn Breeze

Generation: 3

Percentage: 53.46% Nubian/ 46.54% Nubian

DOB: 03/10/2017

       Sire's Sire: Polka Stripe Farm Sydney

Sire: LuvEmAllAcres Daryl

       Sire's Dam: Green Gables Snowflake

       Dam's Sire: Earknot Acres LC Kobalt Silver

Dam: Tangle Ridge TRF Moonbeam

       Dam's Dam: Creamer's Alita

Autumn is a farm favorite. We bought her in milk her first freshing she had triplet doelings. She is our biggest producer. She has great size teats for hand milking. My only complaint is her ears and orifice size both things Im fixing with buck. Her second freshing she had triplets again with 2 doelings and 1 buckling. She is an awesome mom. 

Tangle Ridge Lady Sweet Pea

Generation: 7

Percentage: 52.81% Nubian / 47.19% Nigerian

DOB: 03/14/2018

       Sire's Sire: Polka Stripe Farm Sydney

Sire: LuvEmAllAcres Daryl

       Sire's Dam: Green Gables Snowflake

       Dam's Sire: Eddy Place Nigel +B

Dam: HeartBreak Kidz Princess Flower

       Dam's Dam: Too Mini Acres Jasmine *P

Sweet Pea is a close second on being a favorite. She lives up to her name and is a big sweet heart. She had triplets (2 doelings 1 buckling) her first freshing in 2020. She is due within the next few weeks of 2021. She has good capacity, good teat placement and size. I would like to get better orifices out of her kids. 

Acres A Whey Rosy

Generation: 5

Percentage: 56.12% Nubian / 43.88% Nigerian

DOB: 5/3/2017

       Sire's Sire: VCH Green Gables BF Spice of Freedom +B

Sire: Green Gables SF Dash of Freedom *B

       Sire's Dam: Green Gables EHJ Amazing Grace *P

       Dam's Sire: Green Gables Isaac *B

Dam: Acres A Whey Anabel 

      Dam's Dam: Goat Feathers Jasmine

Rosy is quite the character. She keeps us on our toes. She has great orifices and great teat size. She will almost milk herself. She is super easy to milk. She has great skin and is such a good mom. 

Udderly Precious Sweet Godiva

Generation: 6

Percentage: 53.88% Nubian / 46.12% Nigerian

DOB: 3/12/2017

       Sire's Sire: Laz E Acre's Finley

Sire: Goat Trails LF Hershey's Bliss

       Sire's Dam: Laz E Acre's Adorable Dora

       Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's ID Boomerang

Dam: Flying J Farm Posie Patch

       Dam's Dam: Echo Hill's SD Wildflower

Oh Diva i love her so much. She is quite a diva but with her ears and her nose who wouldn't be. She throws great kids and has great capacity. I would like better orifices but teat size is great. She is such a dear on the stand. She will stand for as long as you need.

Tangle Ridge Barbara Ann

Generation: 6

Percentage: 54% Nubian / 46% Nigerian

DOB: 2/27/2020

       Sire's Sire: Green Gables Xman *B

Sire: Awee Farm Pierre

       Sire's Dam: Kallista Princess Kate

       Dam's Sire: LuvEmAllAcres Daryl

Dam: Tangle Ridge Lady Sweet Pea

       Dam's Dam: HeartBreak Kidz Princess Flower

Little miss Barbara is named after my mother in law. She passed on her name before she passed. She will forever live out her days on our farm. We are very excited to see any kids she may throw. 

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