Family-Owned Business

Welcome to our farm page. In 2017 we bought my husband's family farm. It is an old strip mine that went a long time without any animals or farming going on. We have slowly been working on making our dream of a farm free of pesticides with happy, healthy plants and animals a reality. It took us a couple years to get moved and a house built.  

Our first year living on the farm we purchased our first mini Nubian goat, Autumn, from a local farm. She was in milk and we quickly learned the process of milking a goat. We focused on bringing in goats with nice size udders and big orifices to make milking as easy as possible. 

We also brought in several laying hens from our old house. Chickens will always be near and dear to my heart. I have a love of all birds. Our primary focus on the chickens is healthy, cold hardy, colorful layers. 

With the love of chickens for eggs there is also a love of chickens for meat. We started with meat birds in 2020. We raise our birds in chicken tractors where we can let them be chickens without the risk of predators. We move them daily allowing them to eat grass and chase bugs as they desire. Our goal is happy and healthy birds. We hope to increase our meat bird production this year and with the years to come.